Ingrown Nails

Ingrown Nails

What are they?

Most commonly, pain around the top free edge of the nail, with red warm skin and in more severe cases a pussy discharge. People often describe these as angry and comment they can't touch them.

Cause: Several reasons, but most commonly a poor cutting technique. Most people find it a relief to cut down the side of their nail. Unfortunately often a very small spike is inadvertently left in the side, which may grow up and penetrate the skin. This acts as a foreign body, becomes inflamed and infected. The same process may occur if you were to get a splinter in your finger

Other cause may be an involuted nail, which may pinch the skin, or poor footwear, which is generally too tight, forcing the nail into the skin causing an irritation.[frame_right][/frame_right]

How are they treated? The small portion of nail needs to be removed. In most cases this is a simple procedure taking only minutes. Our podiatrist will then clean the area and, if necessary, dress the toe if it has been infected. Yes, this is painless. Yes, if necessary, we are able to provide you with local anaesthetic.

Nail surgery: In the most extreme case nail surgery may be required. Our team have extensive training in this field. The procedure by our podiatrists varies greatly from many general surgeons. No stitches are required. Little, if any, scarring occurs and you are able to walk out from the procedure immediately after. The success rate for the procedure is very high.