The answer is YES. High heels are bad for your feet; avoid wearing them

Most ladies wear high heels because it is the modern way of dressing.  What they may not know is the fact that they risk developing foot complications.  If you go to the internet and research on the issue “High heels – bad for feet?” you will be offered conflicting information about the issue. Manufacturers of high heels tend to disprove the already established medical proof that high heels are not good for foot health.

Mr Brenden Brown, an experienced in podiatrist at A Step Ahead Foot and Ankle Care Clinic, explains that high heels are not only bad for feet, but also for the whole body. They strain even the back and the spinal cord.

It has been argued that they make women look more beautiful. This may seem true but your health as a woman is paramount – just keep in mind that High heels are bad for feet. High heels will destroy every part of your legs, ranging from hips, thighs, waist and legs and the foot will be impacted the most.

Some podiatrists have even proposed that shoes with high heels should come with a label “High heels – bad for feet”. This may still not put people off from wearing them because they make them feel good and look nice. High heels – bad for feet; think about your foot health first, not just how you look. Whoever loves you while you are dressed in high heels will still love you when you are dressed in flat shoes.

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