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Heel pain effects over 2 Million people every year, so at some time or other in our lives it’s likely that we will suffer from this horrible condition. Heel pain can also be remarkably difficult to treat with many suffering with this for long periods.

Some patients will try to “go it alone”, whilst others who seek professional advice, may still discover they don’t find the relief they had hoped for! Sadly, this is often due to miss diagnosis and therefore the wrong treatment advice.

Use our Heel Pain Calculator to help you gauge if it’s time to seek treatment or after answering some simple questions it may head you towards our simple and easy to use resources, getting you back to Happy Healthy and Active.
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  • Have you tried painful injections
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  • Have you tried another health practitioner without success?
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  • Did your practitioner prescribe ineffective stretching exercises?
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  • Have you tried at home remedies such as Rolling your foot on a cold-water bottle, golf ball, rolling pin?
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  • Have you been using pain medication with limited or short-term success?
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  • Have you tried rigid hard (uncomfortable) orthotics?
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So, you’re not quite ready yet to begin the battle with this nasty? Try accessing Dr Brenden’s white paper report on the “6 reasons people don’t beat heel pain” As a recognised expert in lower limb health with over 20 years’ experience, Dr Brenden outlines what’s stopping you from beating this and tips on how to stop it in its tracks!




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