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Growing pains tripping and falling can all be a sign of poor foot posture!

Growing pains – there is an answer to childhood foot pain. Kids Don’t need to wait till they “out grow their pain!”


Sam’s 10 he’s a great kid and loves being active but there’s a problem and it’s getting worse. Sam plays football in winter and in summer is a cricket fanatic. Apart from these regular sports he’s running about at school and is, yes your average Australian kid.

Sam mum and dad bought him into because despite being a very happy active kid a couple of nights a week Sam is waking with pain in his lower legs. When he wakes he wants his mum to rub his legs because they ache and are sore. Sam’s mum Beth has used heat packs and paracetamol which does take the pain away after a while but as Beth says “They aren’t fixing the cause”. They found the pain sometimes came on night after Sam had quite active days like sports days or family activities with lots of walking.

Visiting the GP, Physio and Dr Google

They took Sam to a GP who sent them to see a Physiotherapist. While the physio was nice and showed Sam some stretching and did a couple of massages he found that these again helped at the time but didn’t stop the problem from coming back. After chatting to the GP their opinion was that this was “Just Growing Pains” something Sam would have to get use to, and that he would simply “Grow out of it”. Frustrated with a fantastic but upset little boy Sam’s parent felt they would find another opinion.

Sam’s mum Beth jumped onto Dr Google and found herself with even more confusion. Some parents were recommending Vitamin supplements, others recommending oils and others again all kinds of home remedies. She then found herself on facebook asking other parents. This is where our practitioners at A Step Ahead Foot and Ankle care where recommended by a friend with Kids.

Our Penrith Podiatry Team will help your child to become happy Healthy and active

Kids can and will become pain free with care and attention from a skilled practitioner who understands Growing pains

Finally some answers

When Sam and his parents visited it became pretty clear there was more than just some kind of phantom pain going on. We undertook a detailed walk and run assessment, along with some measurements and testing on Sam’s muscles. Nothing is invasive and its all done in a fun, friendly and none confronting environment. After a short while we were able to establish Sam’s feet were rolling in a lot and his arches where a little flat, in essence Sam feet had pretty poor foot posture. What this means is that the muscles in Sam’s lower legs are over working to try and give his poor foot posture support. Do a big day on your feet like a family outing, a busy day at school or sport and your muscles have to work even more. This leads to them getting sore, not necessarily at the time of the injury, mostly at night several hours after things have rested.

Helping fight “Growing Pains”

To help Sam we made him a custom made pair of orthotic insoles. These are made from a soft material so feel very comfortable to wear but provided support for the rolling of his ankle. We take a 3D scan of Sam’s foot and video record his walking patterns using our specialised Assessment software. They are then designed using our Computer aided design software specifically for Sam. From here these are made in our onsite Orthotic laboratory by our technicians over seen by our Podiatrist.

After fitting his new orthotics into a new pair of runner we recommended, Sam headed on his way feeling comfortable to return in a couple of weeks. We prescribed some stretching to work with his orthoses and suggested that we may need to follow this up with a specialised massage to relax his muscles as his orthoses took over and began doing their job.

Pain Free!

A couple of weeks later a very relieved set of parents and Sam returned to our clinic. In a little over two weeks the orthoses had started to do their thing. Sam had only had pain in his legs once since starting to wear his orthoses and this was after a very big day, his school athletics carnival! After only a couple of weeks we expected this to decrease so asked them to return in another month at which time they reported Sam to be pain free!! Overall Sam’s parent also reported that he was much more comfortable at sport as well. Over joyed they had their Happy Healthy little boy back!

Growing pains ARE TREATABLE in most cases, while many well-meaning health practitioners may say you have to wait to grow out of these, there are alternatives. Our practitioners have had the pleasure of helping many kids with this same problem. Its what we love to do! Helping kids become pain free Happy Healthy and active is a privilege. If you would like to help your little one to become pain free please give our helpful reception team a call on 96732987 or 47322007. You can also see find us on our Facebook page


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