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Fungal infections can be horribly difficult to treat. Many people are not aware that most over-the-counter pharmacy preparations such as medicated lacquers paints and ointments have been shown to be only effective on approx 12.7 % of people. Is it right for you?

The questionnaire is designed to give you a guide to treatments that maybe best suited to your current situation.

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  • Have you been diagnosed as having a fungal nail infection by your general practitioner?
    Question 1 Response
  • Do you have discoloured brown yellow colours in your nails?
    Question 2 Response
  • Have you noticed the problem for less than 6 months?
    Question 3 Response
  • Is the discolouration in more than one nail?
    Question 4 Response
  • Have you noticed tinea on your skin or small flaky skin or blisters on and around your feet?
    Question 5 Response
  • Have you like others tried home remedies such as Tea tree oil etc unsuccessfully?
    Question 6 Response
  • Have you unsuccessfully tried over-the-counter pharmacy-based medications paints, lacquers or oils?
    Question 7 Response
  • Are you a patient that has unsuccessfully tried cold laser?
    Question 8 Response
  • Did you UNsuccessfully have fungal nail laser treatment that treated less than all 10 toes?
    Question 9 Response
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Fungal Nail Infection Report

If you’d like more information before you begin the battle with this nasty? Download Dr Brenden’s detailed report on the “Fungal Nail Infections – 6 things you must know to beat them” As a recognised expert in lower limb health with over 20 years’ experience, Dr Brenden outlines what’s stopping you from beating this and tips on how to stop it in its tracks!




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