Don't get laser therapy until you've read this report (1 minute read time!) - 1

Don’t get laser therapy until you’ve read this report (1 minute read time!)

Fungal nail infections are hard to beat! Facts are hard to find, and there are stacks of misinformation. Here is a quick run-down on some FACTS that may just help you beat this nasty!

Where do most fungal spores live

Almost anywhere! Infection will live in; Your shoes Your Socks Bathrooms Gym locker rooms Communal shower areas There is thoughts that Carpets may be able to carry the spores!

How do fungal spores travel?

Fungal infections are very contagious and very easy to contract because the spores travel so well and are not visible! They travel in socks and shoes. They are known to be in the bases of showers. There is conjecture that they may also be present in carpet!

Does cold water kill fungal spores?

Cold water has NO affect on Fungal Infections nothing. It will not kill the infection nor stop it from spreading.

Should I use Bacterial wash to kill my fungus?

There are now a number of bacterial washes and “disinfectant” washes for your clothes. They will have NO effect on a fungal infection present in socks, towels and their washing.

Do antibiotics kill fungus?

No! Antibiotic kill bacteria. Fungus is NOT a bacterial infection. Taking antibiotics will do nothing to your fungal nails! Sorry ZIP NOTHING NADDA

Is there an answer?

Medical Grade Hot laser is the current treatment of choice for fungal nail infections. Clearance rates for this therapy are as high as 80% plus. Compared to paints and ointments on the market which have a clearance rate of approximately 13% (yes that’s incredibly low). We have been using medical grade laser for 5 years now and our clearance rates match those seen in research.

Need more information? Want help?

We would love to be able to help. Our team have multiple patients a day contact our clinic with questions about this nasty infection. They will run through questions you may have, running through what you have tried. They can then advise on the best appointment type for you and costings. Then reserve an appointment time that’s best for you.

Our number is 96732987 we look forward to getting you on the way to clear healthy nails.

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