Continued Education

Our staff and continuing education

[frame_right][/frame_right] [frame_left][/frame_left] All A Step Ahead staff attend continuing education courses to improve their knowledge and skills. Continuing education is essential to bring you the latest advances in podiatric care.

Our professional staff have gained accreditation through the Australian Podiatry Council and are recognised as Accredited Podiatrists in response to their ongoing education. Podiatrists must accrue points through attending continuing education over a restricted period of time, a condition of employment for our staff is they must be Accredited!

We have been involved with the universities clinical placement program for many years, which involves placement of students to observe how podiatrists work in a clinical setting.

Our clinic is also involved in sponsorship of post graduate studies. We feel this not only provides support for the individual’s studies, but the entire profession, as research into podiatry will benefit us all.