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  • What your Podiatrist WON’T tell you about heel pain.

    Things your Podiatrist doesn't want you to know about Fasciitis One of Podiatry’s most common conditions – but do we treat it well? Pain on first step out of bed, pain in the ball of your heel, gets better after time on your feet only …

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  • Does your child need to see a Podiatrist?

    5 quick signs you need to see a Podiatrist (Foot Doctor) Grandma’s are great at spotting it. Your friends aren’t bad. The Shoe shop lady is often a superstar at it! But lets face it you’ve got a lot on and the occasional “Mum” or …

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  • Why Running shoes won’t fix your problem

    Why Running shoe won’t fix your problem Running Shoes – are they really the answer to all your problems?? Hi guys, a quick post about something I have been hearing a lot of recently in the clinic. “I thought I would just change my shoes, …

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  • Fungal nail with “false negative” results?

    Fungal nail with “false negative” results? (No really I am sure this is fungal!) So you think you have a fungal nail? Does any of this sound familiar? Yellow and discoloured? It has a line running through it or often down the nail. It’s maybe …

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  • I just want to be fit for summer

    Frustration and foot pain   Don’t let foot pain stop you from reaching your goals! The warm weather last year had started last September we had a series of warm spring days and this is when Sarah appeared in my office. “I just want to …

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  • Warming up and Stretching for Netball – NetballSmart

    Hi guys, back again to chat about rehab and even more importantly PREHAB, and we will stick to our netball theme in light of the Diamonds stunning World Cup Victory last weekend.     Preventing injuries is of massive importance as it link directly to …

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