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  • Does your child need to see a Podiatrist?

    5 quick signs you need to see a Podiatrist (Foot Doctor) Grandma’s are great at spotting it. Your friends aren’t bad. The Shoe shop lady is often a superstar at it! But lets face it you’ve got a lot on and the occasional “Mum” or …

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  • How to Manage Growing Pains a Parents guide

    Growing Pains A case study Kids should be Happy Healthy and active Sam’s 10 he’s a great kid and loves being active but there’s a problem and it’s getting worse. Sam plays football in winter and in summer is a cricket fanatic. Apart from these …

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  • Best School shoe’s for 2014

    Dr Brenden’s top school shoe picks for 2014. Back to school has hit us again, it’s time for kids to head back into the class rooms and not only hit the books but also hit the school yard in their new school shoes! Kids spend …

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  • Do your kids feet need checking?

    Kids feet do much more than just 30 hours a week at school – they play handball – run races – play basketball – touch footy – practice ballet – play rugby – skip………. But are they ready to do all that activity and more? …

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  • Children and flat feet – do they need orthotics

      One of the most common reasons kids present to podiatrists is for the treatment of ‘Flat Feet’.  I personally see hundreds of children a year who have flat feet and require my assistance. It can be a simple problem to under estimate but without …

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