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  • Why Running shoes won’t fix your problem

    Why Running shoe won’t fix your problem Running Shoes – are they really the answer to all your problems?? Hi guys, a quick post about something I have been hearing a lot of recently in the clinic. “I thought I would just change my shoes, …

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  • How Tanya beat unsightly Nail Fungus

    How Tanya beat unsightly Nail Fungus Fungal nails or ugly nails Tanya was frustrated!! “I have tried everything! Its driving me crazy!”“I have tried Vicks”“I have tea tree oil”“I think I have tried all the ointment creams and paints that the pharmacy stocks”“I have even …

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  • Fungal nail with “false negative” results?

    Fungal nail with “false negative” results? (No really I am sure this is fungal!) So you think you have a fungal nail? Does any of this sound familiar? Yellow and discoloured? It has a line running through it or often down the nail. It’s maybe …

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  • I just want to be fit for summer

    Frustration and foot pain   Don’t let foot pain stop you from reaching your goals! The warm weather last year had started last September we had a series of warm spring days and this is when Sarah appeared in my office. “I just want to …

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  • Kids Heel Pain -still not getting better?

    He’s just not as fast as the other kids, and limps a little after games! I thought it would just go away but it seems to be getting worse Sound familiar? Ashley came to see us after a frustrating 4 weeks of Heel Pain for …

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  • 5 tips to help you beat your heel pain !

    DeFEET your HEEL PAIN! 1. If it HURTS, stop doing it! Pain is actually your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong – listen to it! Putting pressure on a (painful) damaged muscle/tissue/bone = further damage = no improvement = ongoing pain. It’s …

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