heel pain

Heel Pain

Heel Pain, FLAT FEET, Plantar Warts or Shin Splints can all be debilitating conditions. What are CORNS? How do I get rid of Tinea? In this section we reveal the truth about some of these conditions, in easy to understand language not confusing medical jargon.

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kids feet

Kids Feet

Children’s feet differ from adult’s feet in that they’re pliable and still growing. During this growing stage your kid’s feet are extremely susceptible to the influences of injury, improper footwear, and poor development in the form of flat feet.

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sports care

Sports Care

A Step Ahead are Members of Sports Medicine Australia – Australia's peak body for sports medicine professionals which is why we believe we are better positioned to understand your needs. We provide treatment that allows you back on the field quicker.

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Brenden Brown is one of Australia's top Podiatrists and is featured on the Today Show, Mornings with Kerri Anne and A Current Affair. Also featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, New Idea, The Daily Telegraph, and more....

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Laser treatment of Fungal Nails

Laser treatment of Fungal Nails

You are NOT alone! There is an answer to Fungal Nail Infections!

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1Often this debilitating problem is somewhat incorrectly diagnosed as heel spurs . Incorrectly because despite an x- ray showing a spur it is most likely in fact the soft tissue around the spur causing your problem [..]
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Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal Nails Treatment

2You are NOT alone! There is an answer to Fungal Nail Infections!
It is estimated that over 2 Million people in Australia suffer from Fungal toenails ! (10% of the Population). So if you think your nails have a fungus you may well be right! [..]
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3The professional team at A Step Ahead are Members of Sports Medicine Australia, Australia’s peak body for sports medicine professionals. Along with our team of sports Podiatrists we have massage therapist and [..]
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4We guarantee a noticeable improvement or we will provide you with a review by one of our other podiatrists at no cost to you. Over 10 000 happy patients have visited [..]
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5As a leading group of professionals, A Step Ahead Foot+Ankle Care is often referred to by major media resources for up to the minute information, feedback and comment [..]
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6Patients have come to trust our team and have brought their children and children’s children. It is important to know the team you use, are the team you can trust. [..]
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8Heel pain, flat feet, callous, ingrown toenails, plantars warts or shin splints can all be debilitating conditions, what are corns? How do I get rid of tinea? In this section we reveal the truth about some of these conditions[..]
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